Getting Back to Work – Helping Staff to be Safe and Feel Secure

Currently there is an interesting debate ongoing from all areas of the construction industry about the future workplace and how it will evolve. For now I believe it is important to focus on the present and how employers can enable staff to return to work safely and help them to feel secure without huge capex expenditure on items that will be discarded in the future.

What is required is a solution that is technology lead with future benefits, that is sustainable, reliable and will enable employers to manage the work environment more effectively.

The use of sensors in offices has grown in popularity in the recent past. Installing sensors to a work place and connecting both the sensors and the building systems to a single digital platform allows estate owners, facility managers and employers to understand and optimise the building environment, maintenance, usage and inevitably the health of those who occupy it. And now it offers clear benefits to employers who want to offer their staff the choice of returning to the workplace safely.

The key benefits to installing a sensor system can be summarised as follows: